This is Macaroni, He was probably the best orange tabby ever to have walked the Earth.
Macaroni the Orange Tabby

Mathilda is a close second, though.
Mathilda the Orange Tabby

Manfred. He's cute, but not very bright. Plus, I think he has a drinking problem.
Manfred the Orange Tabby

Crinkle. Best orange tabby that I did not live with.
Crinkle the Orange Tabby

This is a random orange tabby that we saw in the streets of Berkeley, California:
Berkeley the Orange Tabby

Roman. Girlfriend's ex-roommates's orange tabby.
Roman the Orange Tabby

A very cute baby orange tabby....
Orange Tabby in a crib

... Who has an orange bunny buddy.
Orange Tabby and Orange Bunny

Cutest OT kitten ever captured on camera
Really tiny Orange Tabby Kitten being fed.

Meal time!
Really tiny Orange Tabby Kitten being fed.

I'm so little!
Really tiny Orange Tabby Kitten being fed.

Tuesday lives in Seattle. I wish I lived in Seattle. I'd play guitar all day.
Tuesday the Seattle Orange Tabby

This orange tabby almost became Number Eight.
Number Eight

This is why:

Hard livin' orange tabby in Asbury Park, New Jersey
Asbury Park

An orange tabby at a jewelry store in Hong Kong
Hong Kong

A very small orange tabby kitten in Freehold, New Jersey

My friend got an orange tabby recently. His name is Punkin.

Another friend of mine is a cat lady with three cats. Clancy here is one of them.
She said I would get her cats if anything happens to her. I've never been sure if she was kidding or not.
Clancy sure is a handsome fellow. Dang.